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最近美國CW台正在播Sex and the City的前傳, The Carrie Diaries, 

帶我們回到Carrie的高中生活, 讓大家跟著她一起成長, 看她如何演變成日後的名作家Carrie Bradshaw.


看著看著反而好想回去看Sex and the City.

現在這個年紀重新拿出來看, 與劇中人的年紀相仿, 也經歷過了很多事, 反而更能對劇中的談話起共鳴.

所以, 我決定在一邊看的同時, 也將裡面的經典對話拿出來與大家分享,

大家也可以藉著這些簡單卻生活的對話, 順便學點美語 🙂



Here we go, Carrie Bradshaw!

Sex and the City    



Carrie: Taxi! Taxi!

Carrie: And so another Friday night in Manhattan crept towards dawn(crept: creep的過去式, 表示悄悄地行進; dawn: 黎明)
Just when I thought I would have to do the unspeakable… (unspeakable: 令人討厭的)
walk home…

Mr. Big: Well, get in, for Christ’s sakes(Christ為基督, for Christ’s sake亦即看在老天的份上)
Mr. Big: Where can I drop you?

Carrie: 72nd Street and Third Avenue.

Mr. Big: Have you got that, Al?

Driver: Yes, sir.

Mr. Big: So what have you been doing lately? 

Carrie: You mean besides going out every night? 

Mr. Big: Yeah. I mean, what do you do for work?  

Carrie: Well, this is my work. I’m sort of a sexual anthropologist(anthropologist: 人類學家)

Mr. Big: You mean like a hooker(hooker: 妓女)

Carrie: No, I umm…I write a column called “Sex and the City.” Right now I’m researching an article about women who have sex like men. You know, they have sex…and then afterwards they feel nothing.

Mr. Big: But you’re not like that.

Carrie: Well, aren’t you?

Mr. Big: Not a drop. Not even a half of a drop. 

Carrie: Wow, what’s wrong with you?

Mr. Big: I get it… You’ve never been in love. 

Carrie: Oh, yeah? 

Mr. Big: Yeah.

Carrie: Suddenly I felt the wind knocked out of me. I wanted to crawl under the covers and go right to sleep. (crawl: 爬行)

Carrie: Thanks for the ride.

Mr. Big: Anytime.

Carrie: Wait.

Carrie: Have you ever been in love?

Mr. Big: Abso-fuckin’-lutely(這個詞為Sex and the City最著名的用詞, 原本是absolutely. 為了加強語氣因此在中間夾了”fucking”)



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