Who says a piece of clothing or a pair of jeans cant be worn after wearing it for just a few times?!

Who says u cant repeat an item?!

It all depends on how you u mix n match different pieces n create a unique look!





Now let’s take a look at one of the masters of mix’n’match- Rachel Bilson,

and see how she creates different looks by pairing her fave- Paige Skyline Ankle Peg in Beachwood– in unexpected ways.

現在, 讓我們來看看混搭大師之一的Rachel Bilson,

看看她怎麼把她最喜歡的Paige Skyline Ankle Peg in Beachwood 以讓人意想不到的方式創造出不同風格的搭配. 


R u ready to update ur wardrobe?!


let’s check out Bilson’s awesome styling work!

讓我們來看看style icon- Rachel Bilson的搭配功力吧!

rachel bilson in paige skyline beachwoodrachel bilson in paige 2.jpg  

In all these pix, Bilson wore the same pair of jeans n same pair of sunglasses (Ray Ban Wayfarer)…

這幾張照片裡, Bilson穿的都是同一條牛仔褲, 戴著同一副太陽眼鏡(Ray Ban Wayfarer) 


so how to style differently w the same items?

Keep the top simple and pair it w different types of coats/jackets & shoes. Add on a variety of bags & accessories such as scarves & hats as well.

所以, 怎麼利用相同的單品搭配出不同的風格呢?

上衣維持簡單, 用不同款式的外套來搭配, 並可加上各式不一樣的包包, 鞋子及飾件 (如圍巾和帽子等)


Shoes (鞋類):

– pair it w flats (搭配平底鞋)- leave it the way it is or fold it over (折或不折皆可)

– pair it w boots/booties (搭配靴子)-  tuck in it (當靴子比較長筒時, 就把褲管塞進去); fold it over (當穿booties或較短筒的靴子時 , 將褲子反摺兩折, 讓鞋子可以徹底展現)

– pair it w wedge sandals (搭配厚底涼鞋)- fold it over (將褲子反摺兩折, 讓鞋子可以徹底展現)


Tops (上衣):

– pair it w solids (搭配素色): go w light colors, such as white, light gray, or cream if u r pairing w a black blazer/jacket (如果搭配黑色的外套, 盡量選擇淺色的素色上衣, 例如白色, 淺灰, 或米色)

– pair it w prints/stripes (搭配圖案/條紋): if u decide to go w prints or stripes, then remember to keep the rest as simple n solid as possible. (如果選擇有圖案或條紋款的上衣, 記得其他的部份一定要愈素愈簡單愈好.)

– pair it w shirts (搭配襯衫): makes the whole look dressier and lady-like. (這種搭配會讓整體看起來正式一點也比較淑女.)


Jackets (外套):

– pair it w blazers/tux jackets (搭配西裝外套): if u r going for a more chic and formal look (如果你想表現出時尚感或看起來正式一些些)…

– pair it w leather jackets (搭配皮衣): if u r going for the rocker/glam rock look (如果你想要看起來搖滾一點, 酷一點)…

– pair it w cardigans/wraps (搭配毛衣外套或大披肩外套): if u r going for the casual, comfy look (如果你想要看起來或穿起來很輕鬆舒適…)

– pair it w double-breasted coats (搭配雙排扣外套): if u just want ppl to feel that u do put some thoughts into ur look (如果你只是想要人們知道你出門前有稍為考慮一下你的穿著)…


Accessories (配件)

– pair it w scarves (搭配圍巾): the best way to light up an outfit n give it a refreshing look (最佳讓整套服裝馬上顯眼的方法)

– pair it w bags (搭配包包): well, bags r just…a necessity. 

– pair it w hats (搭配帽子): fedora makes u chic & cool (搭配紳士帽讓你看起來時尚又有型); boater/straw beach hat makes u look casual n relaxed (搭配海邊草帽讓你看起來輕鬆又有型)

– pair it w sunglasses (搭配太陽眼鏡): the number one rule to appear chic (看起來時尚的第一要件!)


as for the detailed items of each look, pliz check out the following list-

(from left to right, top to bottom)

至於每個look裡她詳細的搭配單品, 請參考下面- (從左到右, 從上到下)

  1. Look 1
    • Jacket: Burberry Prorsum Fall 07 Leather Jacket
    • Top: V:ROOM Stripe Sweatshirt
    • Luggage: Chanel Quilted Nylon Trolley
  2. Look 2
    • Bag: Jimmy Choo Kaja Bag
    • Top: Fluxus Burnout Pocket Tee
  3. Look 3
    • Bag: Yves Saint Laurent New Crest Roady Shoulder Bag
    • Scarf: Ann Taylor Oversized Dot Cashmere Scarf
    • Boots/Booties: Zara Wedge Ankle Lace Boots (OMG, 我終於找到這雙鞋了!!! Ivy, get me one in Shanghai!!!)
  4. Look 4
    • Top: breadandbutter Cropped Inside Out Sweatshirt
    • Shoes: Rag & Bone Victoria Wedge Sandals
    • Bag: Chanel Luxe Ligne Flap Bag in Metallic Brown
  5. Look 5
    • Bag: Derek Lam Harriet Bag in Black Patent Leather
  6. Look 6
    • Jacket: Madewell Cropped Tux Jacket
    • Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Edie Bow Studded Bag
    • Shoes: Repetto BB Flats
  7. Look 7
    • Bag: Chloe Marcie Bag
    • Top: Bop Basics Short Sleeve V Neck Burnout Tee in Mauve
  8. Look 8
    • Shoes: Tila March Ballerine Elastique
    • Scarf: Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Stole
    • Bag: World Food Programme Feed 1 Bag
  9. Look 9
    • Shoes: Repetto BB Flats
  10. Look 10
    • Pringle of Scotland Madisyn Eel Plisse Hobo