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i’m leavin’ 4 LA this Fri nite, finally!!!

這次一定會狂買東西, 狂照照片, 狂飆車, 狂看電影, 狂曬太陽, ha…

so, tune in,

cuz there are gonna be lots of new pix for sure!!!


我最新最愛的dylan george牛仔褲也一定會照給大家看,

但在這之前先給大家看看hollywood celebs穿起來的樣子吧!!!

(dylan george的刷色跟destroyed/distressed真的漂亮到一個地步, 又美又薄, 看起來又超瘦, 每次穿都被稱讚, lol!

perfect for summer!!!)


dylan george

(courtesy of www.singer22.com)

Lindsay Lohan (LiLo) in Alexandra Flare in Czar

lilo in dylan george dylan george alexandra

Ashley Tisdale in “Lucy Low Rise Skinny in Czar

ashley tisdale in lucy


Kate Beckinsale in Lucy Low Rise Skinny in Czar

kate beckinsale in dylan george



and yes, i have both….