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昨天看了一下這個fall的TV series line up,


(ok, i know i’m a total sucker for american tv shows….)


(but personally im not really into comedies, so dont expect to find comedies on my watch list, lol)


Glee: “high school musical” on a major network? cant believe i actually find a non-broadway musical interesting…

Flash Forward: this is like LOST for 2010…wut happens when everyone in this world blacks out at exactly the same time for exactly 2 minutes & 17 seconds…wut happened or wut’s gonna happen?…interesting, huh?

The Vampire Series: im drawn to vampires, esp. after reading the twilight saga….if u luv twilight, u’ll luv this. it’s totally teen, totally dark, totally drama….it’s like …Twilight on TV…after all, it’s a CW show, u know wut to expect. (But Pattinson is so much more handsome, lol)

Melrose Place: well, like the Beverly Hills 90210, this is a remake of the popular show in the 90s, “Melrose Place.” i dont have high hopes though, maybe it’s just another 90210…(fyi, the new 90210 can hardly catch up w the old 90210)…the cast just isnt appealing n the show itself is only alrite. i stopped watching it after just a few episodes…for someone who is so obsessed w LA, hollywood & fashion, it’s actually a miracle that im not a fan of the show like this, so u know….but based on the preview, this new Melrose Place seems a lot more interesting than the 90210, hopefully it wont be as disappointing. (and yes, the place, Melrose…Melrose place does mean a lot to me, since i was living sooo close by!!!)

expect sex, drugs, fame, glamour, scandals, vanity, drama….this is the Hills in action. this is hollywood.

(btw, 女主角還蠻像之前的heather locklear, 男主角還蠻像brad pitt電視版…and, Ashlee Simpson-Wenz is in it too!)

The Beautfiul Life: if u luv fashion n u luv drama, this is the show to watch. it’s like “Gossip Girls” meets “Melrose Place” meets “the Devil Wears Prada”. Micha Barton from the OC is in it, but she doesnt seem to be the leading actress. Ashton Kutcher is the producer and this is a show about the glamourous (on the surface) & scandulous life of models. if u wanna climb up the social ladder in the fashion industry, there are definitely a lot u need to sacrifice.

beauty comes w/ a price.

Mercy: Ok, another medical series. But this time, it’s ’bout nurses, not doctors. it looks pretty “grey’s anatomy” to me…not sure if it can top grey’s. R we looking forward to some hot nurses? will there be a new McDreamy or McSteamy or MsPretty in town? u be the judge. (but i guess it’s gud to finally look at medicals from another POV/perspective….sth for a change.)

plus, all three leading actresses r pretty easy on the eyes…it’s just that im still not used to the idea of Michelle Trachtenberg as the innocent, new girl….her Georgina character on Gossip Girl is just way too….impressive!!! lol…

Shark Tank: this is a pretty funny, interesting reality show from the creator of Survivor and The Apprentice. It gives budding entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come
true and become successful and possibly wealthy business people…ppl who have great ideas, who luv business, who r interested in VC, will enjoy the show and have a good laugh!


Old Shows, New Season

– Gossip Girl S3

– Desperate Housewives S6

– Dollhouse S2

– Grey’s Anatomy S6

– Lie to Me S2

– Project Runway S?

– the Rachel Zoe Project S2

– America’s Best Dance Crew S4

– The Hills S6 (yes, it’s embarrassing to admit that i do watch the show…but hey, it’s a reminder of LA, ok?…)


(- 24 s8, Heroes s4, Fringe s2…)

Shows i didnt get a chance to watch but wanna catch up:

– Lie to Me

– The Tudors

– True Blood

– Dexter

– Leverage