About Heather


Being a USC and UC Irvine graduate, I was born in Taiwan and now reside in San Francisco, a great city carried with love, technology and open-mindedness. 

I couldn’t resist everything happening here in California and States yet I wouldn’t hesitate to show the deepest love toward my home country Taiwan, a beautiful island in Pacific Ocean. 

I had owned and still own many bulky or mirrorless cameras, though, iPhone is always my go-to. I’m also a fan of Live Photo. Thank you Apple. 

Jas has done tremendous job blogging all about the City of Angels and I am excited to contribute and venture upon. 

xoxo, Heather

來自台灣,在LA與OC唸書,現在住在舊金山!喜歡音樂,電影,攝影, 手作和室內空間設計,在這裡和大家紀錄我的生活,分享我的愛~ 




大家看過第一部台灣與Netflix合作的影集 “雙城故事” The Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities, 想知道舊金山的什麼地方呢,也可以問我喔!