July 4th Fireworks

havent decided where to go this july 4th..

4th of July Celebrations in Southern California

  • Big Bay Fireworks, San Diego: San Diego celbrates the 4th of July in big way, with lots of pyrotechnics going off over the bay. The best places to watch are North San Diego Bay, Shelter Island and Harbor Island.


  • Disneyland: It’s like 4th of July every day at Disneyland, but on the holiday you’d better find a spot to watch extra early.


  • Big Bear: California’s fifth-largest 4th of July fireworks display happens at Big Bear Lake in the mountains above Los Angeles.


  • Hollywood Bowl: As part of its summer concert series, the Hollywood Bowl offers special 4th of July concerts with the LA Philharmonic, capped by a fireworks show.


  • Marina del Rey: A favorite of Los Angeles residents, this display of go off over the ocean.


  • Newport Beach: Southern California’s largest fireworks display goes off at Newport Dunes Resort and there’s also a fun 4th of July boat parade during the day.


  • Rose Bowl, Pasadena: Americafest at the Rose Bowl has been going on for more than 80 years. It’s an all-day 4th of July celebration, with reasonably priced tickets, a concert and fireworks display.


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