Shopping in LA 101 時尚洛杉磯逛街購物指南- Intro 簡介

Time flies. It’s been 6 yrs since I came to LA.  Shopping is undoubtedly an essential part of my life.

I may not have as much money as all the celebs or the spoiled kids have, but that doesn’t stop me from exploring all the crazy shopping places in LA.

I mean, when u r in LA, the center of entertainment, the place of celebrities, the paradise of shopping, how can u not love shopping?!


轉眼間, 來洛杉磯已經6, 購物也變成我生活中很重要的一部分.

或許我沒有像celebrities LA有錢人家小孩有那麼多的錢天天逛街, 買名牌衣, 名牌包, 但是並不表示我不能像她們一樣到處去逛街.

當你在LA, 這個娛樂世界的中心, celebs充斥的城市, 購物的天堂, 你怎麼能不愛shopping?!


As the final day of me staying in LA is closing in, it’s time for me to wrap up my experiences here and give back to the city, to ppl who want to explore the city.

I will be writing a series of “my life in LA” articles, introducing the dining, fun and shopping in LA.

And of course, for a shopaholic like me, let me start with the shopping! Obviously, I definitely know where to shop. And trust me, you’d better grab a pen n ur notes, cuz u’ll have a lot to memorize!


距離我離開LA的日子已經愈來愈近了, 這也該是我把我的經驗回饋給這個城市, 分享給大家的時候了.


 當然, 像我這樣的購物狂, 這個系列的文章一定要從購物寫起…cuz..我最知道哪裡可以買東西!  相信我, 此刻在閱讀這篇文章的你, 最好準備好紙筆, 否則你會有太多東西要記!

 So, r u ready for the “shopping in LA” crash course?

Let’s get it started!

所以, 你準備好了嗎? 


(btw, 請大家有耐心些, 我會陸續把內容跟照片補上的 )

The course consists of 2 parts & 3 phases.
這個課程包括兩個部分, 三個階段.

1.      American Brand introduction (美國品牌介紹): This part introduces all those famous and not-so-famous American Brands to ppl who are interested in American fashion. 這個部分將為對美國時尚感興趣的民眾介紹一些大家耳熟能詳以及一些在台灣不是那麼有名的美國品牌.

2.       Shopping Place introduction (LA購物地區介紹): This part includes the 3 phases—basic, Advanced, and Expert. 這個部分包含三個階段–初級, 進階, 及專家.

·         Basic (初級)– introduces the shopping malls n outlets in greater LA. 介紹大LA裡的購物中心及outlets.

·         Advanced (進階)—introduces the outdoor, life-style-esque shopping malls in greater LA. 介紹大LA的室外/生活廣場式的購物中心.

·         Expert (專家)—introduces those upscale, high-end shopping & street-retail prime shops and unique boutiques in LA. 介紹高級商店區以及具特色的獨立街道購物區.

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