which SATC character is ur style twin? (你的穿著風格是慾望城市裡的哪個角色?)


有興趣的不妨去玩玩看 🙂






Your style is cool and
unconventional like…

You Scored

Carrie Bradshaw

To the layman, your outfits can sometimes come across as a little
out-there, but any seasoned fashionista knows that you’re a hard-hitting
pro when it comes to style, just like Carrie Bradshaw. You love
unexpected pairings, like a vintage tee with a tux jacket or a ball gown
topped with a hoodie. But while you’ve mastered the art of high-low
mixing, your bags and shoes (mostly embellished clutches and killer
heels) come from only the top designers and usually cost a small
fortune, at least compared to the vintage dresses you love to wear with

Carrie Bradshaw


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